Thursday, January 3, 2013

Three Things for Thursday

* A man who calls himself “an unabashed feminist.”   This fabulous line is from my friend Daine, who wrote a very eloquent post on his position as a future abortion-provider and advocate for women.  As Daine puts it, “Although the debate around abortion often centers on the exceptions, I feel passionately that abortion is moral and should be legal at any stage before viability.”  Regardless of your position on abortion, his post is worth a read because it will make you think very, very hard about the issues at hand when we talk about abortion.

* Shaved orange zest.  When I say shaved, I mean shaved with a vegetable peeler so you get these long, lovely slices of zest, which can then be chopped into smaller pieces.  I like how the chopped pieces have more chew to them than grated zest—they have more of a presence in a cooked or baked dish, and I love that.

* My first bunch of collard greens.  Yay for greens!  I’ve had a craving for greens all week.  Last night at HEB, the kale was feeling pretty sad, but the collards were looking pretty and perky.  I took the collards home with me, sliced them into ribbons, fried some onions in olive oil, added the collards along with some garlic, shaved orange zest, salt, and chili pepper, and stewed the whole mess for a bit.  I ate my greens over rice, and they were delicious.  I see more collard greens in my future.

Happy Thursday, friends!

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