Monday, January 14, 2013

Currently: Copycatting

Today Raquelita posted her January currents, and you know how it goes: if Raquelita does it, I have to do it too. (Not really, but sometimes.  If she says, “Run!” I’ll say “How long?”  26.2 miles, apparently.)  If you like currents, you should also check out Tina’s blog—in my mind, she is the originator of the currents series, and her posts are always so beautiful.

January Currents Collage

{cooking, family, home—all my favorites}

* Current Food: Brussels sprouts, collard greens, and chocolate.  But not all together.  

* Current Drink: Coffee.  Now that I’ve discovered decaf, I can drink coffee ALL THE TIME!  It’s very exciting.

* Current Book: Quiet by Susan Cain.  Quiet is all about introverts and how awesome we are.  I want to write on this topic because I find it fascinating.

* Current Favorite Blog or Website: Oh my gosh, don’t make me choose!  I love you all.  But I’d say I’m especially intrigued by the Whole 30 action happening over at Holly’s blog.  And Kate is doing a pseudo-vegetarian version of Whole 30, and I keep checking her blog for an update.  (C’mon, Kate!)

* Current Excitement: 2013!  With lots of exclamation points!!!

* Current Mood: Happy. (!!!)

* Current Garden Item: My colleague Christopher is a serious backyard gardener (a gentleman farmer, you could call him), and he is letting me order some seeds from his catalog.  I picked out a few herbs: Thai basil, rosemary, and sage.  But then Christopher told me he has rosemary growing in his backyard, so he’s going to try to give me a little rosemary plant for my patio.

* Current Fashion Trend: Jeggings.  I would hang my head in shame, but they are so comfortable and so perfect for biking that I’m too excited to feign shame.  Now, I do try to wear longer tops with my jeggings (which are true leggings, really, but made with a fabric that simulates the look of jeans) so as not to be indecent, but I’ve spent so many hours in running tights that I just don’t feel self-conscious in jeggings.  I feel like me.

* Current Outfit: Right now?  Shlubby house clothes: baggy track pants, old t-shirt, cute new button-up sweatshirt, old slippers.  I am so sexy.

* Current Love: Life.  All of it.  I can’t pick one thing.

* Current Indulgence: I don’t feel like I’m being very indulgent right now.  But I always have deep pockets for great food, whether it’s fresh vegetables or a bottle of organic maple syrup.

* Currently Pondering: Whether it’s the right time to start dating again.

* Current New Find: Woodchuck Hard Cider, Winter edition.  I can’t decide if I like it.  It tastes like hard cider got together with eggnog—there’s some nutmeggy, spicy flavors in it.  It’s not bad; it’s just different. 

* Current Peeve: Nothing of note here.

* Current Song: “Upward Over the Mountain” by Iron & Wine.  I listen to this song daily.

* Current Triumph: Last week’s departmental talk.

* Current Wishlisting: New running shoes, new glasses, and a new haircut.

* Currently Delaying: Buying things on my wishlist (see above).  I think I’m going to try to hold out until February for those items.  Please note that this means I’ll be guaranteed several weeks of great hair because my hair always shapes up and stops misbehaving right before haircut time.

PS  Thanks to Kate for inspiring the photo collage!


Kate said...

Yay, photo collage! It turned out great :)

I'm now at the halfway point of my (almost) whole 30 experiment, so I agree it is high time for an update. In fact, I have one planned for later today...

Shannon Grande said...

ha, you bought jeggings? lol. love it. i am wearing a cute outfit, which is quite far from the norm, and i'm kind of loving it :) buy yourself new running shoes! your feet and body deserve it!

Rosiecat said...

Kate, yay! I can't wait to hear how it's going with your (almost) Whole 30.

Shannon, I bought TWO PAIRS of jeggings--that's how much I love them. What's funny is that I find skinny jeans really uncomfortable because the fabric is stiff, but fake jeggings are super-duper soft and comfortable. I bought mine at Charming Charlie's if anyone is interested.

What do you usually wear to work? I like to dress up for work, even though most people in my department dress very casually. I wear dresses or skirts most days of the week and love it.

I'll buy new shoes, I promise. I'm just waiting to see if I can hold out to make the purchase with my February budget...I haven't had any aches or pains at all, so I feel like the old shoes might be fine for a few more weeks.

Raquelita said...

So fun! I'm glad you copycatted and love the title.

You should go ahead and buy your new running shoes! You will be running a lot of miles in them. :)

Rosiecat said...

Hee hee, me too! This post was a fun one to write.

Get this: I'm planning to buy TWO pairs of shoes to get me through marathon training. My running book suggested this as a way of taking care of your body during the rigors of marathon training because two pairs of shoes mean less wear-and-tear on each pair while you are training. I'll probably buy my second new pair when marathon training starts for real in May.