Saturday, September 15, 2012

Birthday Girl

On September 14, 2006, the lovely Lydia Rose was born.  She enchanted us all with her big cheeks and baby mohawk.  (A mohawk!  So subversive for such a small child.) 

Birthday Girl with a Baby Mohawk

I was smitten with her adorable little self from the moment we met.  We’ve been pals ever since, playing together, ice skating, bike riding, and trying on shoes.  We like to bake and hang out in kitchens together.  We especially like eating dessert.  My favorite time with Lydia is mornings, when she and I are awake together and the house is still quiet.  We snuggle, watch one of her shows (I’m especially fond of Handy Manny after my last visit), and eat breakfast.  I like our routine and the peacefulness of morning.

Yesterday, she turned six years old.  I have always wanted to be an auntie, and becoming Lydia’s auntie was a dream come true for me.  Some women can’t wait to become mothers; I couldn’t wait for my brother and his wife to have a child.  Six years with Lydia has shown me that it just keeps getting better and better.  I may miss that baby mohawk and our younger years, but as Lydia grows older and more sophisticated, our relationship deepens.  I love Lydia for who she is now and who I imagine she’ll become.  It’s hard not to look at a child and see enormous potential.  I just hope that I am part of nurturing that potential.  It can be intimidating to think of oneself as a role model.  Who among us doesn’t have flaws?  Who among us doesn’t behave badly sometimes?  With Lydia and her little brother, I hope that they’ll learn from the best of what we have to offer and forgive us our mistakes.

Most of all, I hope Lydia will grow up knowing that she is loved so very, very much.  Happy birthday, little pumpkin.  You’re getting so big, but you’ll always be my pumpkin.

  Lydia on a Summer Morning

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