Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Foodie Confessional…because we’ve all got secrets.

First things first: I’m writing shorter posts lately!  This is quite an accomplishment for me, because I do go on and on…but do you like shorter posts?  Yes?  No?  Don’t care?  I happen to like posts of all shapes and sizes—so much depends on the content.  I do like the idea of posting something short and sweet every day, but I also know that posting every day is not sustainable for me.  And sometimes the content is better suited for a longer post.  I say: let our posts run wild!

And now, onto the confessions. 

* I adore a good meatball.  There, I said it!  I’m a vegetarian who likes meatballs.  They fall into my 1% category, as in I eat meat 1% of the time.  My love for meatballs has resulted in a somewhat lazy search for a good recipe for vegetarian meatballs, but so far, I haven’t tried anything worth writing home about.

* I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Except I use jam, and I especially love them on toasted bread.  Mmm, crunchy.

* I used to never drink alone, and now I drink alone more often than not.  I’ve decided there’s nothing wrong with this.

* I love my knife collection.

* I think Anthony Bourdain is arrogant, sexy, and wrong about vegetarians.  Talk about tension!

* And a non-foodie confessional just for fun: I don’t think I’m a hoarder, but I read stories about hoarding and purging with great fascination.  I think “obsession” is too strong a word, but for someone without that problem, I’m awfully interested in the stories.  We have a hoarder in my family, so maybe that has something to do with it?  (And here’s a fun story about the benefits of not hoarding clothes!)

Okay, I’m listening: what are your foodie confessions, dear readers?


Raquelita said...

I upgraded to high-quality knives after our move, and now I love my knife collection too. I'm not sure that qualifies as a confession, though.

Rosiecat said...

What if you say it in a really creepy voice? Preferably while sharpening your biggest knife, of course.

Yes, "confession" might be a strong word for any of the things on my list too. Maybe "quirks" is a better word? In our TMI-saturated culture, it's hard to come up with something qualifies as a really great confession! At any rate, I enjoy hearing about people's quirky food habits.