Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Bowlful of Pears

Bowl of Pears

I went a little crazy at the grocery store on Friday night.  First, I found the bin of organic pears.  They were absolutely adorable, tiny little things, and before I could even fetch a plastic bag for them, my hands were in the bin, picking out the best ones.

About five seconds later, I saw multi-pound bags of pears.  Now, I’m often suspicious of fruit sold in big bags like that because while a bag may be a bargain, the quality might suffer.  But these pears looked great—no weird soft spots, worm holes, or evidence of abuse.  So I took home a big bag of pears, and now I will be eating them for the next month.

Or maybe not.  I could make a pear crumble, or a pear tart, or roasted pears.  I could put them in salad, a la Matt, or tuck them into muffins.  But honestly?  I’ll probably eat most of them raw, cut into slices, maybe with some cheese on the side.  No matter how much fancy or mind-blowing food I eat, I always come back to the feeling that simple is best.  Or maybe it’s just that simple is home base, and anything else is a pleasant bonus.


Raquelita said...

Yum! I had an amazing pear and walnut tart at a friend's house a couple of weeks ago. But I also just enjoy a sliced up pear with a couple pieces of cheese.

Rosiecat24 said...

Ooh, a pear and walnut tart does sound delicious! Lucky you :-)

Unknown said...

i often do the same thing, except even larger scale :) if you end up baking something, i think they should be pear-ed with caramel! ha. couldn't resist that one :)