Friday, January 22, 2016

Seeing 2015 Through the Lens, Part One

Hello, friends!  Happy New Year!

I promised myself that I would try to do these year-in-review posts each year because it's so lovely to be able to look back at the year in photos.  Sadly, though, my old iPhone died, trapping most of my images from January through May.  I suppose it's okay; those months were kind of a blur anyway as I rushed from one place to another, chasing my freelance dreams.

Without further adieu: the best of January through June, one photo at a time.  

January.  Ah, January, the month of fresh starts!  In January, I picked a feeling that I hoped 2015 would embody: flow.  I wanted to be more easy-going, and I hoped that my life would feel easier too.  Flow was a great core desired feeling for 2015; it reminded me again and again how walking and running always make me feel better, how a bath is a great way to relax, how even driving can be relaxing when you aren't sitting in traffic.  It made me pay more attention to the moments when things felt like they were moving in the right direction.  And that made me feel like I was moving in the right direction, too.

February.  I always love seeing blossoms in springtime.  So fresh, so pretty.

March.  In March, Paul and I visited his family's cabin together for the first time.  And I have to say, I totally fell in love with the place.  It was our spring break destination.

April.  Sadly, I have no photos from April now.  Did April even happen?  Who can say?

May.  May is missing in action, too.  May was finals season for all my students, so I was working a lot.  Not much more to report from May.

June.  Whew, finally, back in action!  After five months of hectic work, June was a month of rest for me.  Here I'm steeping tea with spices to make chai.  Homemade chai is the best!

June, part two.  Since April and May have no photos, I'll give June a bonus photo.  I spent many an hour walking in the park down the street from my house.  There are deer who live in this park; here's one of them.  So lovely.

Stay tuned for part two of this series...