Saturday, August 3, 2013

Six for Saturday

Fresh Blueberries in Colander{It’s fresh blueberry season, y’all!}

Links for Saturday!  Why?  Because it’s hot outside, and I love the internet.  Enjoy!

{ONE} This touching post from Tina on motherhood and forgiveness.

{TWO}  Cats!  Being adorable!

(Oh, man, this one too.)

{THREE}  Advice to honor and protect the sensitive soul.

 {FOUR}  An interesting perspective on recycling clothes.  I think the author did a great job considering some of the potential downsides to this idea.

{FIVE}  I struggle to find the right balance between unitasking and multitasking, so this piece really resonated with me.  Louise Hung writes, "The most surprising thing is that I've actually found myself becoming calmer and more efficient. Instead of tasks piling up like so many unfinished lines in Tetris, as was my fear, the tasks are satisfyingly yet steadily being checked off one by one. It's almost rhythmic. I've turned down the volume in my head a bit, and I'm able to actually hear my thoughts.”

{SIX}  An inspiring, expletive-laden blog: The Militant Baker.  One fun post from her archives: I Wear What I Want: Some Messy Hair, Bitches.  Jes is adorable.

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