Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Quickie Question

Hello Sir

Hello and happy Sunday!

I have a question for you, loyal readers.  Over the last few days, I’ve been trying to update my archival system for this blog.  I’m adding recipes to the recipe index, and I’ve been building an archive page for my posts on thoughtful consumerism.  But I wonder this: are these pages useful for you?  Do you ever peruse them to look for new posts to read or wander back through them to reread old posts?  Or am I building these index pages for my own organizational pleasure?

If there’s anything I can do to make this blog easier to search and read, please let me know.  I’m working mostly off of instinct and cues from other blogs, so if you have specific suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

(As a disclaimer, I do want to mention that any time I spend on organization here is time that I’m not spending writing or editing new posts.  So it’s important for me to know what you like.  I want this blog to be something that you enjoy coming back to again and again, and I know I have a lot of readers out there!  So I encourage you to delurk, say hello, and offer your two cents on this topic.  Please and thank you.)


Chrissy (The New Me) said...

I definitely use the recipe index, mostly because sometimes I don't know what I'm looking for until I see it. I don't really go back and read other posts, but I think indexes are helpful, especially for newer readers who may not have seen all your brilliance the first time around. :)

Rosiecat said...

Thanks for your feedback, my dear! I'll prioritize updating the recipe index. I spent some time on it a few days ago, and I'm hoping I can FINISH updating it before the end of this month. (Yes, I set the bar quite low on myself here...)

As a person who often visits new blogs, I like archives and indices as well. I think right now, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with updating mine because I've written so much that could be organized into an archive. For now, baby steps...