Friday, February 1, 2013

Five More Quirky Things

Cutting Board Collage_JPEG

Cutting board love!

* During my freezer clean-out, I threw away some old sandwich thins.  Those things suck.  From now on, real bread only.

* The carnal highlight of my week: Christopher Meloni as a vampire on True Blood.  Oh yes.  Scary has never been so sexy.

* I feel rather promiscuous when it comes to cutting boards.  I shouldn’t be, as I love my two guys, but you know, I can’t help but admire all the other options that are available.  How about this Ikea Laemplig cutting board, with its clever grooves for catching juices?  I don’t even really like Ikea in general (I’m more of a Pier One and Sur La Table girl myself), but still, it’s a nice board.  (Cutting board found while link-hopping at Yes and Yes.)

* I feel shallow that I read this article with great interest.

* And finally, another good song.  The lyrics make me laugh!  “When you’re young, you get sad…” 

* * *

So…how many of you now hate me for my comment about Ikea?  Truce?


Theresa said...

1. Sandwich thins do suck. Real bread or crackers are much better.

2. Christopher Meloni is so handsome. I didn't know we shared that thought.

3. Ikea has its place. I've heard good things about their kitchen stuff.

4. I want to start buying more statement necklaces. I feel like I get intimidated in the store because of the look or the cost and I don't end up getting one. Have you bought one lately?

Rosiecat said...

Hey pretty lady! Fancy seeing you here :-)

1. If I'm going to have a sandwich thin, I think I'd rather just have a tortilla! Otherwise, yes: real bread or crackers.

2. Hubba hubba!

3. The thing with Ikea is that I don't like blonde wood. It also seems like a lot of their stuff is just cheaply made. But I think they've branched out into other aesthetics, and didn't Amanda's blocks (for the kids' toys) come from Ikea?

4. I think it depends how you define "statement." I like fairly delicate jewelry, but I think of this necklace as my statement necklace:
Have you seen me wear that one? Do you think it counts as a statement necklace?