Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Two for Tuesday, Plus Bonus Otters!

It seems that summer has arrived in Texas, so I’m retreating from the heat of my oven to bring you a few good things from around the interwebs.  I was pretty blue today, perhaps because of the tragedy in Boston yesterday, but like all the Bostonians who have defiantly refused to let fear dictate their actions, we resume our regularly scheduled lives.  Boston, you are on my heart today.

On a much more lighthearted note…

* A fun post about finding the right red lipstick (and blue jeans!).  My version of this story is finding the right jeggings.  I don’t like the stiffness and bunchy knees of regular skinny jeans, but jeggings in a soft, stretchy, denim-like fabric?  Hurray!  I bought two pairs.  Also, they are perfect for biking in cooler weather.

* Shauna and Danny have a new book out!  The announcement post was so fun to read.  I may buy a copy of this one.  I didn’t buy their last cookbook because the food wasn’t quite my style (and Shauna talks about the difference between those two books in her post) but a book about delicious, everyday dinners that are meant to be weeknight-friendly?  I’m sold.  (Plus the photography!  Gah, it’s just so gorgeous.)

* Finally, this site is otterly awesome.  I think this post is my very favorite.  (Hee hee!)

That’s it for links, friends.  I’m still really busy—my social life is on fire this month, and I’m heading to Austin this weekend!—but I like to stop by here to say hello.  Some day I will have more time to write…

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