Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Coincidence Tuesday

Skeptic that I am, I don’t believe the Universe sends me secret messages of affirmation, but along those lines, today was fun.  I’d been craving green tea for a while, but I was all out of decaf and mornings are now firmly reserved for drinks made from beans, not leaves.  (Note how that statement works for soymilk too!  Oh, how clever…)  Thinking about decaf green tea made me wistful for flavored green tea, but my HEB typically does not stock flavored decaf green tea.  Woe is me until today, when I found this!

New Tea

Exciting.  Also, at HEB, a funny thing happened: earlier in the day, I recalled that song about one headlight, and ta-da!  The song comes on while I’m strolling through produce.  That was weird and delightful because “One Headlight“ is 17 years old and I cannot remember the last time I heard it or even thought about it before today.

In other random news, I just discovered the style blog My Edit, and I’m in love.  I realize this is not news to all of you, but I never claimed to be your #1 news source for all things blog-related.  What I love about discovering new-to-me blogs is that they often have an enormous archive of posts that I can just dive into, enjoying the eye candy and the witty banter.  Seriously, I think My Edit is the funniest style blog I’ve found.  “Ask me instead…how to get cats to stay still while you french braid their tail hair.”  Or “sometimes I am too lazy for the changeroom...Hanging up my purse, taking off my shoes, getting distracted and making duckfaces in the mirror; it's all a lot of work.”  Or how about this lovely scene about spreading the joy of clothes with friends:

“I also share well with others. All my friends know that if they are in a wardrobe pinch, they are always free to come browse the selections in my closet. I usually even pour them an adult beverage. We gossip, sip drinks and try to make something work. My closet is like a library, but for clothes. You know what? I need a tax receipt for this kindness…”

She had me at cats.  (Sampled posts from here and over here.  Got that?)

Finally, I’m delighted to report that Mr. Right Now has consented to be outed on this blog.  Which makes me happy because it would have been awkward to continue to write about him if he felt too shy to be part of the story.  Today I’ll share just a few tidbits with you.  His real name is Paul, he’s a smidge younger than me and a foot taller.  He’s an engineer by education but a teacher by profession.  He is a serious ballroom dancer(!) who nicked my toes several times when we danced at Erin’s wedding.  (My toes have since recovered from the violence.)  He likes my cooking and loathes The Big Bang Theory.  I think he’s the best thing to happen to me in a long time, even if he described himself today as a curmudgeon.  I have a feeling that our mutual affection could be the beginning of a really lovely romance.


Chrissy (The New Me) said...

Hello, Paul! Nice to meet you! :)

Shannon Grande said...

hi Paul :)

Laurie said...

Nice to meet you Paul!

I've been reading My Edit for a while, and I agree that Jentine is hilarious. I can also recommend fellow Canuck, and Jen's occasional partner-in-style Julie at We So Thrifty.

Rosiecat said...

You are all adorable! I will tell Paul you said hello :-)

Ah, thanks for the recommendation, Laurie! Jentine has brightened my week and made me reconsider my no-leopard-print rule. She wore a thrifted leopard print silk dress that just slayed me...