Friday, April 5, 2013


Check Out These Muppet Legs

Tonight I have a short list of recommendations for you.

* Muppet legs!  I bought these red tights a while ago, but today I finally wore them.  They’re bright and soft and feel wonderful.  (From Target, like most of my wardrobe.)  Bright tights are a great addition to a wardrobe with a lot of basics, like mine.

* 12 hours of sleep.  That was my Thursday night.

* Grapefruit!  I’ve had a lifelong aversion to grapefruit because the one time I tried it as a child, it was too sour and I hated it.  But now…now grapefruit seems like an orange’s more sophisticated cousin, with a hint of bitterness and a more complex flavor.  Recommended!

* A key to happiness: knowing how to spend your money wisely means knowing what really makes you happy.  I loved this piece.

* An evening spent at home, alone.  Oh, yes.  After spending last night in bed asleep, it’s nice to be at home and awake.  One of the side effects of dating someone new is that you end up giving up a lot of your alone time to be with that person, but tonight, Mr. Right Now is out dancing.  Without me.  Which means I get the whole evening to myself—bliss!

And with that, I’m off to putter around my apartment and the internet.  I’ll be back soon with another post—I’ve got several in draft form that are just waiting for me to find a sliver of time to finish.  Happy weekend, y’all!

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