Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Roving Kitchen Library

Roving Kitchen Library

The month of October really through me threw a loop, and it’s taken me some time to settle back into my kitchen routines.  The other day, I realized that I have unintentionally stashed inspiration in every corner of my apartment.  I have stacks of food and cooking magazines on the coffee table and the desk.  Cookbooks and magazines get left on the kitchen table and even the floor of my study.

Apparently I have a roving kitchen library.  It’s amusing to me, the way that my cooking life wanders around with me.  We’ve all got our own unique brand of clutter, and mine is the kind that tempts me back into the kitchen with new recipes.  It’s an unfortunate fact of my life that I always seem to have more ideas—for food, for blog posts, for travel, for everything—than I have time.  At least I’m never bored!  Tired maybe, but never, ever bored.


Anna said...

Your blog entry made me smile because I have several magazines around my feet with recipes but I am still online looking for food and wine combinations and other kitchen ideas. Maybe I should clean up my study first...

Rosiecat said...

Anna, you are a woman after my own heart! I am a magpie for cooking inspiration.