Monday, November 5, 2012

Better Living Through Shopping

Fresh Raspberries in Wrapsack

“If you hate cooking, don’t do it.  You can certainly eat well enough just by learning how to shop. You can buy food that you don’t need to cook—picnic food, cold food, things to heat up.  Of course, trimmed vegetables and packaged salads are pandering to laziness and inviting extravagance on a ludicrous scale, but be grateful for them.  If they taste good, don’t worry about it.  No one has to be made miserable over cooking.”  Nigella Lawson, How to Eat

I don’t hate cooking, but I do seem to be in the habit of basically “cooking” my Saturday lunch by shopping well in the morning.  Good bread, good cheese, a pear, a vegetable, some homemade cookies, and I am a very happy camper.  Picnic food indeed.

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