Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tiny Ambition

I have a PS to add to my last post, and it’s this:

In the Kitchen Flickr Set_cropped

I am (sorta kinda) cooking my way through Melissa Clark’s In the Kitchen with a Good Appetite.  I have no deadline for this project.  I’m not blogging about it formally.  I’m not following each recipe strictly.  I have no problem excusing myself from the meat recipes or adapting them as I see fit.

In other words, this project is perfect for my life right now.  It’s always there for me when I want it, and it makes no impositions on me when all I want for dinner is a grilled cheese sandwich…although there are several variations on the grilled cheese sandwich in the book!

My three favorite recipes or adapted recipes from this book are my roasted broccoli and tofu dish, the chocolate egg cream, and one of the red lentil soups.  I’m always craving one or more of these things—comfort food at its finest!

I suppose my little In the Kitchen project means that I may have (sorta kinda) lied in my last post.  I apologize.  But I think in comparison to the blogs I’ve read where the blogger is literally cooking the entire book that my project is hardly a contender.  Perhaps my point today is that sometimes, a small (teeny-tiny!) project is the perfect size.  Sometimes we don’t want or need a huge commitment.  And that’s okay.  Life ain’t all go big or go home.  Sometimes it’s baby steps or stop-and-go, a boomerang throw or just creeping toward tomorrow.  Anyway, I do have a Flickr set of photos for this project, and I’m working on adding captions to them.  Feel free to check it out and ask questions or leave me a comment!  I always try to make time for you, dear readers.

Happy weekend, everyone.

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