Thursday, August 9, 2012

In Praise of Wrapsacks

Hey hey!  I’m so surprised that it’s been five days since my last post.  This week has been rather hormone-fueled, and I prefer to subject my loved ones, rather than the entire internet, to that pleasantry.  It hasn’t been all bad, of course, because most weeks aren’t.  There was a trip to Home Depot for a new planter and a hammer(!).  There’s been much data analysis at work and some good conversations.  There was wine-drinking last night, and there will be more of that tonight.  There will also be a half-batch of paleo chocolate chip cookies.  I made that recipe a few weeks ago, and it’s absolutely delicious.  Tonight I’m going to try some dried ginger instead of or in addition to the cinnamon—I love ginger and chocolate together.  In a word, yum!

Today I want to say a few words about those wrapsacks I showed you last time we talked.  In addition to being adorable, they are a valuable addition to every earth-loving shopper who tells herself that “Paper or plastic?” is the wrong question.  The real question is, “Where are your reusable shopping bags?!”

Two Wrapsacks

They’re right here!

These wrapsack totes are made of cotton, and they zip up into a convenient little self-made pocket.  Unfortunately, the zipper on my lizard tote came off its zipper track, so I’m using a big paper clip to hold that one closed.  Wrapsack totes come in a variety of pretty batik patterns.  I am greedy and want to own them all.

The two things I love most about wrapsacks, in addition to how cute they are, is that the shoulder straps on them are the perfect length for carrying stuff on your shoulders and they have a reinforced bottom.  In my experience, with other reusable bags, it’s the bottom that starts falling apart after a lot of use.  You start getting tears and holes, and then little things start slipping out, and eventually your reusable bag is not so reusable any more.

I’ve only had my wrapsacks for about six weeks, so it’s too early to tell how they will hold up after heavy usage.  But my sister-in-law Amanda swears by hers, so I think we can take her word for this.

As for the price, I must confess that Amanda got me a pair of wrapsacks for half-price, through her co-op, I believe.  On-line, the wrapsack totes are $14.99 each, and I think they are totally worth every penny.  They’re such high-quality, sturdy and beautiful at the same time.  (I wouldn’t mind if someone called me sturdy and beautiful.  What a lovely combination!)  Anyway, if you are on the market for some new reusable bags, I think wrapsacks are the way to go.

See you at the grocery store, friends!

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