Saturday, August 25, 2012


Here’s what I’m cooking this weekend:

To Cook

The first two dishes are from Gourmet Today; the brownies are here.  I haven’t made any of these recipes before.  I’m particularly excited about the lemon rice.  It’s a South Indian dish, spiced up with mustard seeds, ginger, and tumeric, and it sounds amazing to me.  I had some mediocre lemon rice at the one Indian restaurant we have here in town, and all I could think was, this dish has the potential to be so much better.  My Indian friend assured me that her lemon rice was much tastier than the restaurant’s version, which I totally believe.

What are you cooking this weekend?


Shannon said...

sounds delicious! can't wait to hear how they were :) i made a dairy-free brown sugar shortcake with bourbon peaches and coconut whipped cream... pretty delicious!!

Rosiecat said...

Hey darling! Mmm, you had me at bourbon peaches. Is that recipe on the blog yet? Or perhaps it is forthcoming?

With a few tweaks, everything on my list was delicious! At the risk of blasphemy, I made a few changes to Deb's brownie recipe and want to make one more. Her recipe is definitely on the fudgy side; I want to try cutting back on the butter a tad to see if I can make them a little cakier. This is what I love about cooking: everyone's got an opinion, and there's no limit to experimentation :-)