Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Old Favorites, New Favorites

When I was in college, I developed a soy milk habit.  I had grown skeptical of the healthfulness of dairy milk, and I liked the taste of soy milk, so I thought, Why not?  During those crazy, fun, arms-wide-open days, my newly vegetarian days, Soy Dream was my favorite soy milk.  When I passed by it in the grocery store last week, I had to buy a quart, for old time’s sake.

Soy Dream is Yummy

It turns out I still love this stuff.  It has a wonderful flavor and a creamy texture.  My favorite fast smoothie is orange juice with a generous shot of Soy Dream.  I don’t know why I don’t buy it more often, especially as it’s shelf-stable and therefore nice to have in the pantry for those moments when you run out of milk.

While we’re on the subject of milk, I want to thank you all for your delicious ideas for what to put in my morning coffee!  I’ve been working my way through your suggestions, and I have to say, now that my palate has adjusted to not having dairy, I’ve been enjoying the variety of options.  I liked Kate’s Silk soy milk idea and Chrissy’s generous pour of almond milk.  My favorite new way to drink coffee takes its cue from Laurie: a splash of Soy Dream and a tiny pour of canned coconut milk.  It tastes rich and silky, much like heavy cream does, but it doesn’t seem to mask the flavor of coffee the way that cream can.  And a little coconut milk goes a long way, which is nice because coconut milk can be expensive.

This discovery makes me wonder: why don’t producers of non-dairy milks make any blends?  Or do they and I just don’t know about them?  This may be a great new vegan foods venture…    

Blurry Coffee

…or just a good morning for me.


Laurie said...

I'm happy the coconut milk suggestion was a good one. I'm writing this with a black coffee at my side. A good indication that coffee whiteners are outside my area of experience!

Rosiecat said...

Ha! Laurie, you crack me up. Coffee whiteners! You are sweet to pass along the advice from your coffee-whitening friends.