Friday, April 20, 2012

I Worry…

…that my attention span has become so short that I won’t remember what the question was.

…that the answers to this country’s biggest health problems will not be found by NIH-funded researchers but by farmers, grocers, cookbook authors, and people standing at the stove, cooking from scratch.

…that not enough people appreciate what higher education has to offer.  I saw a comment in The Chronicle from someone who graduated three years ago with a liberal arts degree, and this person would rather give up his degree and get his money back because he concludes that he has no marketable skills.  And I think, Isn’t it a little early to be giving up on yourself?  You’re what, 24 or 25 years old?  Have a little courage, man!  Think outside the damn box!  Trust me when I say that having “marketable skills” is not a panacea for your worries.  I have marketable skills and I worry about my career all the time.

…that I’m too grumpy.

…that I’m not patient enough.

…that we will elect a Republican in November.

…that I’m really good at learning but not good enough at innovating.

…that I’m selling myself short.

…that love won’t be enough.

…that my work computer is malfunctioning and I don’t know why.

…that my apartment is filthy.

* * *

But then I remember that today is Friday, I can sleep in tomorrow, and the weekend will offer a fresh start.  There’s good news today, too: I finally got around to downloading Google Chrome (thanks for the recommendation, Shannon! xo), and it fixed the Google Reader problems I was having with Firefox and Internet Explorer.  Then I was catching up on Crescent’s blog, and she pointed me toward this article about her, and I fell in love with her and with life all over again.  (Is it weird to feel so strongly about someone you’ve only “met” in cookbook and blog form?  I don’t know.  But Crescent makes me want to do great things, or do mundane things with great love.  What could be more mundane than cooking?  What could be more important than what we put in our bodies?)

Whatever the question is, I’m sure that good food is the answer.

Happy Friday, my dears.  I hope it’s a good one for you, with enough joy and not too much worry.


Shannon said...

i need to stop worrying and start doing ;) going to work on that cover letter... hope you had a fabulous weekend!!

Rosiecat said...

Oh! Oh oh oh! A cover letter! That sounds exciting, and I'm cheering you on: go, Shannon, go! You can do it!

(Wow, that was a lot of exclamation points. I must be excited!)