Monday, September 2, 2013

Wine Notebook: Totally Random Peach

Totally Random Peach

This peach-flavored white wine from Totally Random was surprisingly delicious.  Paul and I bought it on a whim from Spec’s (about $10 a bottle, if my memory is correct).  I forgot I had it until I opened my wine drawer one day and hurray!  I have a bottle of wine in the house!

Paul and I opened it one night to eat with dinner.  I don’t remember what we ate, but of course it was vegetarian.  This peach wine is a great summertime choice: it’s definitely on the sweet side of things, with some delightful carbonation that adds a refreshing quality.  The next day, my friend Courtney and I finished the bottle while she made migas for us.  I wish I’d had another bottle of it to open because I think we both could have gone for another glass.  This was a really good second-day wine—while the carbonation had fizzed out a bit, the flavor had deepened into something lovely.

This bottle is definitely on the to-buy-again list.  It reminded me a lot of the fresh peach moscato spritzers that my sister and I drank during her visit.  Yum!

PS  Happy Labor Day to my American readers.

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