Monday, July 30, 2012

Alphabetize Me! (Another Meme)

Hi, everyone!  My last post was a bit heavy with bigots and boycotts, so I thought I’d lighten things up with this fun meme.  I saw it a while ago on Chrissy’s blog, and then I landed on it again on Ashley’s blog.  I took it as a sign: it’s time for The ABC’s of Me!  Another batch of narcissistic navel-gazing coming right up.


A: Age.  30 and just four months shy of 31.  I don’t mind getting older.

B: Bed size.  Full.

C: Chore you dislike.  Putting air in my bike tires, dealing with the recycling, and washing endless amounts of dishes.  Curse you, cooking habit!

D:  Dogs.  They’re okay.  I did meet the sweetest pair of puppies the other day, and I nearly snuggled one into my arms and ran away.  Who doesn’t love puppies?!?

E: Essential to start your day.  Gah, I am really high-maintenance in the morning.  I require breakfast, a shower, a tidy bed, and a packed lunch if I’m heading off to work.  I’ve also started running a few mornings a week to beat the Texas heat.

F: Favorite color.  Can I cheat and say blue and pink?

G: Gold or silver.  Um, both?  I tend to gravitate toward silver, but gold can be lovely too.

H: Height.  5’1”.  I am petite.

I: Instruments you play(ed).  I played clarinet and bass clarinet.  Here’s a confession: while I never loved the clarinet, I did love playing in the school band.  Music is fun.

J: Job title.  Postdoctoral research associate.

K: Kids.  None.

L: Live.  College Station, TX.  For the reason, see J above.

M: Mom’s name.  Barbara.  Also, today is her birthday.  Happy birthday, Mom!

N: Nicknames.  Rosie and on rare occasions, Ro.  I like Ro a lot—it sounds sort of hip and fun.

O: Overnight hospital stays.  Maybe one?  I sliced my head open when I was six, and they sewed it up with stitches.  My mom tells me I screamed so loudly that I woke up the other patients.  But do you think they could have given me a freaking painkiller?  I continue to have very low tolerance for pain. 

P: Pet peeves.  I have a lot, which I’m not proud of.  I’m afraid I’m a snob.  But one that stands out in the last few years is when people whom I do not know well start texting me.  To be more specific, I’ve noticed that if I go out with a guy once, he is likely to start texting me as a way to communicate.  I got a text the other day—“at HEB. nd anything?”—and I looked at the number and thought, Who the hell sent this?  I figured it must have been the wrong number.  Then I realized and confirmed that it was from a guy with whom I’ve hung out twice.  Twice.  I’m still on the fence about him as a person, to be honest, and it was kind of jarring for me to receive a text like that from him.  Since when do we pick up groceries for each other?  That strikes me as very cozy, very domestic.  Right?

I have a theory about men in Texas, and it goes like this: they’re all really horny, so they try to accelerate the pace of a relationship in the hopes of making it physical ASAP*.  I’m pretty slow to become physical with someone.  If I feel like someone is trying to force it, then I’m likely to lose interest completely.  As Matt said about these things a long time ago, “You gotta wait wait wait wait wait.”  5x wait.  

Q: Quote from a movie.  “They have wings but cannot fly.  They're birds that think they're fish.”  (Anyone?  There’s a hint down below in Z.)

R: Righty or lefty.  Righty.

S: Siblings.  I have four.  Three brothers (Charlie, Scott, and John) and one little sister (Theresa).

T: Time you wake up.  Ideally, 7 AM.  But this summer I’ve been getting up around 6:30 to beat the heat.

U: Underwear.  Yes, I wear it.

V: Vegetables you don’t like.  Nothing comes to mind.  I’m learning to like eggplants and beets.

W: What makes you run late.  Not knowing where I’m going!  I was late for just about everything when I was in Chicago this summer.  Oops.

X: X-rays you’ve had.  Teeth and perhaps my skull?  See O for more details.  Also, I have been in an fMRI.  I participated in a friend’s imaging experiment, and it’s not something I’d like to do again.  fMRIs are very loud, and you have to stay very still so the instrument can get good images of your brain. 

Y: Yummy food you make.  Ha!  See my recipe index for the answer to that question.  I heart food.

Z: Zoo animal favorites.  I have to echo Chrissy and Ashley here and say that zoos are a mixed bag for me.  Should we put animals in zoos?  I don’t know.  But I will say that the penguins always seem pretty happy, and I love those crazy birds.

Care to play along?  If yes, leave a comment in the links so I can read your ABC’s!

* I realize that this may be a gross generalization, and for that I apologize.  Then again, maybe this is true of most men in most places.  Dating is hard, and impatience makes it even harder.  Slow down, guys!


Chrissy (The New Me) said...

I can never think of a vegetable I don't like either, but I as it turns out, eggplants and beets are the ones I eat the least. Funny!

Rosiecat said...

Ha! Eggplants and beets have strong personalities, I think. But I've eaten both vegetables in some delicious preparations, so it's hard to say that I don't like them. Another veggie that I don't love is chard, but my friend Daphna makes this fantastic leek and Swiss chard tart.

As vegetarians, I'd say we're blessed to have veggie-loving palates. It makes it much easier for others to feed us! :-)