Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It’s Random, I Know

Branches into Sky


More Branches and Sky


Stone Bench


Today I share with you three random photos from May, June, and July, in that order, from this year.  Apparently I like taking pictures of tree branches.

There is a shortage of good, functional pens around the lab, so whenever I find an abandoned pen, I snatch it up and make it mine.

I have no interior decorating skills.  None.  And I wish I had a husband with a gay man’s interior design skills!

I wonder if I can poach the nectarines that are refusing to ripen into something that does not feel like tennis balls.

I like seeing spiders around my apartment because I assume they are busy eating the insects in my apartment!

I often feel guilty about not being able to read the work of much-praised writers.  But then I think, How much work should my pleasure reading be?

The roasted tomato soup from Sunday night was not as good as I hoped it would be.  But tonight, I’m going to find out if a few days of chilling in the fridge have brought out the best in my soup.  We all need to chill sometimes, right?  Why should it be any different for food?  I’ll report back with the results and a recipe.

I’m sure this one is obvious, but I’m having trouble writing recipe posts.  Perhaps it’s a case of the summertime lazies?


phoenixed said...

I will be your gay husband if you promise to help out with occasional painting and furniture refinishing projects. Like covering a hand-me-down table with bottle caps or cleaning refinishing some random sewing desk from a garage sale or bedroom set from the thrift store.

Rosiecat said...

Hee hee! It's a deal. We can flip a coin to decide who gets to help the kids with their homework.

Though if you are my gay husband, does that make M my mistress?

phoenixed said...

Hehe. M is for mistress.

We can both help the kids with the homework. We will have some independent-thinking kids by the time both of us are done with them.