Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Morning…

It's a Coffee Morning

Saturday morning is such a sweet experience.  I can’t help but love it, even on days when the lab is calling my name and I’ve got plans, lots of plans, for a time of day that is best spent in pajamas.  This morning was a little easier than the last few Saturday mornings—I had no work meeting and just an hour’s worth of work to get done.  It was quick and painless, and then I hopped back on my bike for a leisurely ride over to Brazos Natural Foods for the weekly pitstop.  Man, I love that store!  I always get great deals on great food, like 99 cents for a bottle of Organic Valley’s pourable yogurt (more about that in a moment) and a big tub of organic sour cream for $1.99.  (I see muffins in my future.  Any other suggestions for what to do with a surplus of sour cream?)

I am a little tired today, but I am F*R*E*E*! until tomorrow morning.  I’ve declared the rest of the day a work-free vacation.  By declaring such a thing, I will not think about work.  Instead, I will read Walden for my Book Club get-together tonight.  I will to make a red lentil soup and drink hard cider and put my feet up for a while and maybe bake some cookies.

My day has already been pretty nice—even the work I had to do was fun in its own way.  But before work, it was a coffee morning for me.  I’ve been enjoying Columbia coffee from It’s a Grind; Columbia is described as having “full aroma, heavy body, and good acidity.”  It makes a mighty fine cup of joe.  Alongside my coffee I had my usual: overnight oatmeal topped with berries, banana, crunchy peanut butter, and a few knifetips of coconut butter.

Breakfast in Progress

Also, because it was Saturday and because I am a glutton, I drizzled some homemade fudge sauce over the berries, which were unsweetened and rescued from the freezer.  Homemade fudge sauce is my friend.

I’ve been trying different combinations of milk and yogurt in my overnight oatmeal, and my new favorite pick for yogurt is Organic Valley’s pourable berry yogurt.  It’s got a great mixed-berry flavor and it’s not too sweet.  The pourable yogurts make for a more porridge-like bowl of oatmeal, which I like very much these days.  Less chewing means less work for me!

This afternoon I’ve got two more stops to make: one to Blue Baker for some great bread—maybe a loaf of cinnamon raisin today?—and one to Albertson’s for ginger, fresh cilantro, and a jalapeno for tonight’s soup.  After that, I’m looking forward to some kitchen bonding.  Friends, I hope your Saturdays are filled with good food and good people.  “To hunger is to be alive, and to hope.”  Crescent Dragonwagon, Passionate Vegetarian.


Shannon said...

i think you need some more lab-free days in your life ;) i have no trouble going doing that in the summer!! the images of your breakfast (in my head, before i ever saw the picture) are totally making me crave cold oats. ENJOY the rest of your work-free day :)

Laurie said...

Sour cream...hmmmm...banana bread comes to mind, but my recipe only uses 3 tbsp, so that won't help much. Baked potatoes? Kinda obvious. Mix with parmesan, dijon and herbs of choice and use to top pasta. Salad dressing? I must admit I have trouble using up a tub of sour cream too!

Rosiecat said...

Shannon, I agree! But sometimes it's nose to the grindstone, and that's the mode I'm in right now. Oh well--I'm hanging in there. And for whatever reason, I'm doing a TON of cooking even though I feel really pressed for time! The kitchen just feels so welcoming after a long day at work.

Oh, and if I lived in Boston, I would totally, TOTALLY enjoy every last moment of summer. What a beautiful city. I hope your summer has been terrific! :-)

Laurie, hi! Isn't that just the thing with sour cream? Banana bread always sounds great. I was thinking cookies too, if I can find my sour cream cookie recipe. But I could definitely make a dip to use with potatoes or pasta--that's a great idea.

Hope your weekend is treating you well!

Nicole said...

Don't people make sour cream brownies sometimes? Or am I thinking about something else? Clearly, I've never made them! But I feel like I've seen them at parties. Also, Mexican layer dips with sour cream could be yummy.

Rosiecat said...

Hey, Nicole! Yes, a Google search confirms that people do make sour cream brownies, which is a great idea. When is a batch of brownies NOT a good idea? But I wonder if I have a recipe in one of my baking books--I'll have to check :-)

And anything with Mexican flavors and sour cream is welcome on my plate.