Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Summer Hiatus

Hi, friends.  I have some bad news for you.  a and I are feeling a bit overwhelmed by life right now, so I think we’re going to take some time off from our tandem posting project.  She may chime in here, informing me that she’s ready and waiting to post our next set of essays, but I think she will breathe a tiny sigh of relief.  As for me, I’m preoccupied with other things right now—I hope you’ll understand.  (I am also hoping Matt will forgive me for writing that post before talking to him.  A person with a smaller heart might hold a grudge, but I know his heart is generous.  Also, an apology is probably in order here.)

I’m not sure when the tandem posting project will resume.  a has a big summer of music and travel ahead of her, so I’m going to leave it in her hands.  I think I’ll be back in good writing form by this weekend.  In light of my recent struggles, I’ve been working hard to get at the root of my pain.  I have been writing long-winded e-mails and consulting my wisest, most trusted friends.  Answers are being revealed, and I am finding myself in a peaceful place.  It’s nice.  I never knew I was such a mystery to myself—it’s sort of alarming at my advanced age—but I think that with enough time, long walks, and good talks, I’ll get to where I want to be.

I don’t want to leave you completely empty-handed, or empty-eyed, as it were, so I’ll share a few favorites before I go.  First, one of my favorite random photos from my trip to Chicago last month.  I was waiting for the Clark Street bus when I took this picture.

Clark Bus Stop

And second, two quotes that inspire me.

Some things…arrive on their own mysterious hour, on their own terms and not yours, to be seized or relinquished forever.”  Gail Godwin

The delights of self-discovery are always available.”  Gail Sheehy

Until next time, gentle readers.


Hillary said...

I had a framed greeting card on my wall in college that always gave me comfort in what sound like similar times. Thought these words might help you, too:

"We are where we should be, doing what we should be doing. Otherwise we would be somewhere else, doing something else." -Richard Stine

Rosiecat said...

Hillary, I like that. It's like a Zen reminder that you didn't get to where you are now by accident. Thank you for sharing it with me.