Saturday, December 27, 2014


December Dusk in Austin

After a sad and tumultuous December, I am returning to this space to turn over a new leaf in blogging.

Maybe some day I’ll write about the struggles that made this month kinda miserable for me.  Or maybe not—maybe they are too personal, too unflattering, and too painful to write about.  Seeing the ugly sides of yourself is devastating, and it might be stuff that is best left in a journal, not a public blog.

What I have decided is that it is time for me to start blogging more regularly.  I’m going to try something very different, at least for me, and that is a promise/challenge to blog every day.  I don’t have many creative outlets, but blogging was is one of them.  It’s a hobby that got pushed to the side this semester, in my single-track determination to make this new life in Austin work.  Work has been the theme of the past three months, and god I miss having time to reflect and write about my days.  My plan is to share smaller stories and snippets from my day, including photos (because of course that iPhone goes everywhere with me).  The days go by so fast, and I deserve to have a creative outlet.

I took the photo above as Paul and I were biking back from downtown Austin, about to get on the riverfront trail on our way to our neighborhood.  The sunset was so pretty, the end of a gorgeous warm day.  One of my favorite things about Austin is that we are within biking distance of downtown.  On this particular day, we decided to do a bit of post-Christmas shopping.  We hit up REI in search of a secret gift for Paul’s parents and ended up buying some woolly socks for me and a sweater for Paul.  From there, we headed to Whole Foods to buy a few things.  Our last stop was LOFT, where I continued my search for the perfect beige sweater but left empty-handed (but with an imaginary permission slip to buy that sweater when I find it!).  Having recently spent so much time in the car driving to tutoring sessions, being able to ride our bikes for some shopping is a breath of fresh air, quite literally.  And I love that Paul is as happy as I am to leave the car at home for a two-wheeled adventure. 


Chrissy (The New Me) said...

I'm sorry to hear that December was unkind, but I'm glad to know you'll be sharing in this space more often. I've missed you!

Rosiecat said...

I feel like a broken record, but I have missed all of this so much. For me, the tipping point was realizing that right now, I have very little in the way of creative outlets. It just felt like I had given up too much and I needed to start taking something back for my mental health and happiness.

I still really love writing long, thoughtful pieces, but to reclaim my creative side, I think it's more important to start blogging again than it is to write a damn thesis. Hence the permission slip to write shorter snippets more frequently--sort of like Instagram but with more freedom :-) (Also, I cannot handle another social media platform, as much as I think I would probably enjoy Instagram.)