Saturday, May 17, 2014

Six Things for Saturday

Maid of Honor

Yup, that’s me, in my maid-of-honor finery.  It’s a busy day here at Casa de Rose-Anne, so let’s dive into it!

{ONE}  Today is moving day: Paul has already been here with his first batch of stuff.  He’ll be back with more.  Meanwhile, I’ve been moving things around, decluttering, recycling, and generally lamenting the sheer amount of stuff that I own.  Sigh.  But we’re getting close to having his room completely ready for him.  I even cleaned the dead bugs out of his closet, vacuumed it, and wiped down the shelf with Mrs. Myers spray!  We’re about to be co-habitating or, as my recently married brother likes to say, “living in sin.”

{TWO}  I left my camera in Michigan earlier this week, which makes me super sad.  I was even more sad when I realized that I’d left it out in the rain, and it might be damaged beyond repair.  There are some really lovely photos on there of Paul’s first visit to Michigan to meet my family, and I was heartbroken to think they’d be lost forever.  But!  Amanda, my sister-in-law, told me she was able to turn it on, so that’s a good sign that it’ll be okay.  And my sister Theresa told me the camera would be on its way to me shortly.  Hurray!

{THREE}  The house we thought we might rent in Austin fell through when our potential landlord rented it to other people.  I was pretty disappointed because I feel like the landlord misrepresented her willingness to work with us.  But a friend of Paul’s gave us a pep talk and said, “There’s a much better house waiting for you.  That one wasn’t the right one anyway.”

{FOUR}  Speaking of this friend of Paul’s, how wild is it that in Detroit, we had lunch with a friend of Paul’s from high school?  Paul grew up near Corpus Christi, which is the far southeast part of Texas.  We met up with Paul’s friend Wyatt and his girlfriend at Seva, a vegetarian restaurant.  Now, here’s another fun connection: I used to eat at the Ann Arbor branch of Seva when I was in college.  Looking at their menu, I spotted the enchiladas calabaza, which was my usual back in the day.  They were so good, and you know what?  I ate them again this week, and they were just as good as I remember.  Well done, Seva!   

{FIVE}  Let’s see, what else?  I’m thinking about making pizza tonight, perhaps to share with my love, who never turns down a homecooked meal.  My new go-to crust recipe is the one in The Vegan Table.  It’s perfect!

{SIX}  In a burst of late springtime indulgence, Paul and I have decided to treat ourselves to a little vacation after our vacation in Michigan.  We’ll be heading to Austin later this month to find ourselves (and our roommate) a place to live, and then we’re going to camp for a few days somewhere in central Texas.  I can’t wait to see a starry sky overhead and to disconnect for a few days.

Bonus!  Listen to this awesome interview that The Suitcase Entrepreneur did with Farnoosh Brock.  So many great ideas in there for those of us who think we might want to write a book (or five) and (GASP!) self-publish them.

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Chrissy (The New Me) said...

You look stunning in that dress! Good luck with the move(s) and with the camera - I really hope you can salvage those photos!

Rosiecat said...

Gah, me too!

(Weirdly, I could have sworn I replied to your comment on this post I losing my mind? Maybe!)