Wednesday, December 11, 2013

This Week in Thoughtful Consumerism, Vol. 4

Of course, of course: just when you shouldn’t be spending money, you find temptation everywhere.  Or is it just me?  (Sidenote: my apologies that this post is a day late.  I got caught up in talking to a friend yesterday, and the time just slipped away from me.)

This week, I have a mix of links, but our main focus is legs!

* I love this old post on Academichic about colored tights.  I’ve been washing all my tights to get them ready for action.  Last year, I bought a red pair, and I’m hoping to make good use of them this winter.

* I love the idea of grey boots, and these are pretty cute.  My sister pointed out that they would look awesome with colored tights, and I agree.

Nolan grey boots _cropped

{Screen shot from}

* I also like these dark grey “river gloves.”  The good/bad news about having a camping boyfriend is that you start buying things because you think, “That would be PERFECT for camping!”  Both the boots and the river gloves are vegan, too—made from synthetic materials instead of a dead animal’s skin.

River glove shoes_cropped

{Screen shot from}

* Speaking of camping (sort of), I just started watching Alaska: The Final Frontier.  It’s about the Kilcher family.  They live off the land on the coastline of southern Alaska, and it’s pretty fascinating.  (It’s heartbreaking, too, if you’re inclined toward compassion for non-human animals.  But I won’t spoil any plotlines here.)  Paul dreams of “living free” by living off the land, so this show reminds me of him.  Except I don’t think he’s planning to move to Alaska for his dream!  You can watch snippets of the show here; it’s also available for live streaming on Netflix.

Also, you’ve probably heard of one member of the Kilcher family: the singer/songwriter Jewel!

* I like Ashley’s series on automatic healthy eating.  I’ve been using a lot of frozen vegetables; they’re just so easy to keep around and throw in a pan when you’re ready to make dinner. 

(These days, I dream of having the time to make more elaborate meals at home.  But I did bake cookies over the weekend, so that feels like a win!)

That’s it for today.  Don’t forget about the Saved giveaway!  I hope to be back later this week with a newsy post about what I’m doing these days.

Happy Hump Day, friends! 

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