Monday, November 4, 2013

Gone Boyfriending

Nice Glasses!

I have officially turned into that person I never wanted to be: the girl who spends all her free time with her boyfriend.

I’m not exactly the stereotype of dependent, clingy, no-life girlfriend.  It’s just that most of my weekends have been spent elsewhere with Paul, and all this travel and boyfriending is cutting into my blogging time!  To top it off, when I think about what I want to write, it’s all about my adventures…with my boyfriend.

Oh boy.

But I have good news.  The first is that yesterday I went to a wedding shower by myself, and it was great.  I ate cake, drank sangria, caught up with old friends, and chatted with new people.  I rode my bike there and enjoyed the time alone on two wheels.  The second is that I have no travel on the calendar until Thanksgiving, when we (yes, “we” again!) go to Houston for a kick-ass, completely non-traditional Tex-Mex feast that my friend Courtney is making.

And there’s more good news: I’m about halfway done with my post about Paul’s birthday cake, and there will even be a recipe.  A recipe!  From me!  The retired food blogger!

Until then, happy November, friends!

PS  Cheers to Paul’s best friend Tim, who coined the word “girlfriending” to describe how he has been spending his time.  It’s adorable.


Chrissy (The New Me) said...

I think it's sweet that you're off boyfriending. Wanting to spend time with your SO is a good sign! As long as you remember to blog about it once in a while, I won't take it too personally. ;)

Raquelita said...

I agree with Chrissy that it's generally a pretty good thing to want to spend time with your SO. But it is also good to do some fun things on your own and to blog about all of the above.

Rosiecat said...

You two are my enablers! I do hope to get back to more regular blogging because I miss it and I miss reading your blogs :-) (And let's say another HURRAY for Raquelita's return to blogging! Good times ahead!)