Sunday, May 12, 2013

Giveaway: Pretty Jewelry from Simply Bridal

Today I have something a little unusual for you: a giveaway from Simply Bridal.  Simply Bridal is an on-line site for pretty things for brides, including dresses, veils, and jewelry.  Now, I’m going to guess that most of you are not planning a wedding right now, and I wanted everyone to feel included—or at least I wanted something for the non-brides among us (including me!).  When Simply Bridal offered to host a jewelry giveaway, I was delighted.  Check out some of their elegant pieces: 

Simply Bridal Images_JPEG_cropped

{Clockwise from top left:

*Hammered Chain * Hammered Oval Link Necklace*

*Earwire with Hammered Oval Link * Two-Strand Lariat* }

Beautiful, right?  Heavy on the pearls, I know, but I love pearls.  Many of these pieces are also available in gold, too, if gold is your thing.

For this giveaway, one lucky winner will get to pick one piece from Simply Bridal’s jewelry collection with the exception of May Yeung pieces (which are generally the more expensive jewelry options).  The contest is open to all readers, including those of you outside the United States (hi, Laurie!).  On top of the giveaway, I have a discount code that everyone can use for the Simply Bridal site.  The code is SBL155HD for 15% off, excluding shipping.  The code is good for 10 uses and expires on June 6, 2013.

To enter the contest, leave a comment on this post by telling me a little story about a favorite piece of jewelry.  I’ll go first.  My mom gave me this sweet, fun set of red baubles a few years ago.  The cheerful color and gold stars always make me happy when I wear them. 

Red Jewelry from Mom 

Good luck, dear readers!  The giveaway ends on Monday, May 20.  I’ll announce the randomly chosen winner later that week.

PS  Happy Mother’s Day to all the American mamas out there.  Such good work you are doing!


Laurie said...

Hi Rose-Anne! Thank you!

Much of my jewellery was stolen in a break-in in 2004. There were good memories attached to so many of the pieces. The first piece of "jewellery-store" jewellery my husband gave me. My engagement ring. The necklace and earrings I wore to our wedding. Family pieces. Cheap plastic jewellery worn with crazy costumes. On and on and on. I didn't realize how much I had until it was time to fill out insurance forms.

One thing that did survive, besides all the wonderful memories, is an amber pendant that Hubby gave me. I wear it regularly. It feels like me. Other pieces can sometimes make me feel self-conscious - like I'm playing dress-up. The amber pendant never does. It always makes me feel string, safe and loved.

Laurie said...

....makes me feel STRONG. I never feel like string. Sometimes like a wet noodle, but never like string.

Chrissy (The New Me) said...

What a neat giveaway! I love jewelry.

My friend Amy gave me a tiny silver spoon brooch, which is weird and quirky and kind of perfect. When I needed "something old" at the last minute for the wedding, I dug up the brooch and pinned it to my bouquet, so now it's extra special. :)

lashandat said...

My favorite piece is my engagement ring. I only had one request.. yellow diamond. My fiancé came through and added a little more bling for good measure. It is the most gorgeous ring that I have ever seen and I wear it proudly every day.

Theresa said...

My favorite piece of jewelry is actually my watch. I had a nice Citizen's watch before this one, but during of the time changes, I broke the pin inside years ago. I tried to have my old one fixed but learned it was over $100 and decided it wasn't worth it. But I decided once I got my "big girl full-time" job, I would buy myself a new watch. I never did, but I was given a new one by my then-boyfriend. I had been window shopping for weeks and after one of my trips, he surprised me with it!

Rosiecat said...

Ah, I'm loving all your stories! They are so sweet. Did you guys notice that they're all stories in which the jewelry was a gift from someone special? I love that connection between the material world and the love we share with others.

I can't wait to hear more stories :-)

PS Laurie, I am so sorry to hear about your loss in 2004. That is really sad. But your pendant and the way it makes you feel is a lovely symbol of survival. xoxo

PPS Sometimes I feel like a wet noodle too :-)

Raquelita said...

Hooray for a fun giveaway! I am going to buck the trend here and note that one of my favorite pieces of jewelry are my Wendy Brandes swear rings. I bought them for myself when I had a completed first draft of my dissertation.

Jeff Wilson said...

In 1969 when I was 14 I was fortunate enough to visit Turkey with a friend and his family. I bought two sterling silver puzzle rings, and was given intensive instruction on how to re-assemble them. Of course I quickly forgot... Before returning to the US a waitress in a Turkish restaurant taught me again, and I was sure to remember. When I was 19 I gave one of the two to my first true love - I still have the other one somewhere. I wonder if she still has the one I gave her...?

Theresa said...

when is the drawing?! :)

Rosiecat said...

Giveaway results coming tonight, I hope... :-)