Friday, February 10, 2012

My Splendid Table Notebook

For those of us who cook, Lynn Rossetto Kasper is our fairy godmother, and The Splendid Table is her magic wand.  I adore Lynn’s food and cooking radio program, complete with phoned-in questions from listeners.  In fact, I get so many ideas from listening to The Splendid Table that I decided I really needed a way to keep track of those ideas.  And that, my friends, is what blog posts are for.  This page is my notebook of ideas I’d like to try/remember/share from Splendid Table episodes.  It’s going to look like a notebook too—more casual and work-in-progress than most of my blog posts.

I’m going to update this page frequently, adding ideas and links as I find them.  If I really love something, I’ll try to write a separate recipe post, and I’ll provide the link to the new post as well.

Oh, and if you aren’t listening to the downloadable podcasts of The Splendid Table, you should be.  They’re just terrific.

Happy listening, and happy cooking! 

* This book sounds fascinating to me: The Immigrant Advantage: What We Can Learn from Newcomers to America about Health, Happiness, and Hope by Claudia Kolker.  Interviewed by Lynn on the May 19, 2012 episode.

* An interview about extra-virgin olive oil with Tom Mueller, author of Extra Virgin.  I found it fascinating, and having spent some time sniffing and tasting different olive oils because of Project Olive Oil, I felt well prepared for this episode  From the January 7, 2012 episode.

* This sounds really cool: a mail-order knife-sharpening company that even sends you a before-and-after picture of your knife!  From the December 29, 2007 episode.

* Lynn’s off-the-cuff recipe for German-roasted nuts, which you make on the stovetop.  These sound perfect for steamy Texas days, when only a fool like me turns on the oven.  But more importantly, they sound really, really delicious.  I’m thinking about making a batch to take on the road to San Antonio next weekend.  From the December 29, 2007 episode.

* Roasted pears with fried sage leaves.  I am currently looking (listening) high and low to find the episode where Lynn describes how she would make these…

* Lynn’s red lentil soup with (lots of) cilantro and fresh orange, or more officially: Coriander-Orange-Scented Red Lentil Soup.  Mentioned on a 2008 episode, I think?

* Just for fun: Talking about Faygo pop, a local treat for us Michiganders.  I grew up drinking Faygo!  My favorite flavors were Rock ‘n’ Rye and Peach.  I love how they describe it as “the beloved quirky beverage from Motown” (January 26, 2008).

* The Indian Grocery Store Demystified by Linda Bladholm and Neela Paniz.  This book sounds fun, and we have a really cute little Indian grocery store in town (January 19, 2008).  I wouldn’t mind a little hand-holding when it comes to Indian ingredients! 

Update: my sister bought me this little book as a gift, and I wrote about it here.

* All of Diana Henry’s ideas for what to do with a bag of potatoes (November 13, 2010).


Rosiecat said...

Sorry for the repost here, folks. Due to my reinstallation of the operating system on my computer, in order to update this page, Windows Live Writer created a brand-new page. Please and thank you for your patience!

a said...

I had fried sage leaves as part of my birthday dinner this year, and they were so incredibly fabulous! I can only imagine how well they would pair with pears. (That sounds funny...)

Laurie said...

It was because of your original post that I started listening to "The Splendid Table". Good follow up to the post about "Vegetarian Food For Thought". I thought you had reposted on purpose. I'm off to look for those recommendations now.

BTW - I can still sing the Faygo song! I had no idea it was a Michigan thing. I'm sure we could get it in Windsor as well.

Rosiecat said...

Ooh, how fun, a! I love sage and need to get my hands on some fresh leaves. What I'd really like is to finally start growing my own herbs :-)

Hi, Laurie! That's awesome that you started listening. But I didn't know there was a Faygo I feel like I missed out :-( That's not surprising that Faygo was distributed in Windsor since it's so close to Detroit and Faygo was (is?) made in Detroit.