Saturday, September 3, 2011

September’s Not to Do List

Michigan Leaves

On the topic of kitchen resolutions, I’d say I’m 1 for 2: my drying rack has been very busy, trying to keep up with me as I keep my kitchen mess to a minimum.  My sink is totally, gloriously empty right now, the perfect prelude to some Saturday night cooking.  My freezer, however, has seen few of its tenants move out and welcomed half a chocolate cake this week, my attempt to preserve the remainder of the chocolate raspberry pudding cake.  I’m having sort of a hard time figuring out how to deal with the freezer this month because I’m going out of town soon (11 days, to be precise!).  I don’t know what to use now and what to keep.  I suppose what I’m really lacking is a battle plan: I need a freezer inventory and a list of the recipes with which I’m going to tackle the freezer.  Make freezer inventory.  There!  That’s my next kitchen resolution.

But this month, I thought it important to make some notes on the resolutions I will not be making.  Writing a not-to-do list is a bit rebellious, but it’s also very reassuring.  And I feel it can be useful for harnessing your resolution energy to make sure it’s aimed squarely in the direction you want to move.  I find that I am sometimes vulnerable to the suggestions from other people’s to-do lists and resolutions, such that when someone talks about, for example, quitting alcohol, suddenly the idea that I should quit drinking takes root in my brain.  But the thing is, I don’t drink much in the first place!  And I like the occasional glass of wine!  Writing my not-to-do list is a way of ferreting out all those unwanted ideas and saying to them, firmly but kindly, “NO.”  Go ahead, try it: “No!”  See?  Like I said, it’s very reassuring.

For the month of September, I promise not to:

* Drink less coffee.

* Drink less wine.

* Ride my bike less often.

* Get up earlier.

* Worry about my job and my future.

* Spend less time feeling grateful for my wonderful friends, great colleagues, and good life.

* Feel less loved by the sweetest man I know.

* Spend more time being serious.

* Hurry up.

What are you planning not to do this month?


Raquelita said...

This is brilliant! As you might have guessed, I can be pretty goal-oriented and get swept away in my to-do lists and the constant on the go pace that often accompanies them. I love the idea of resolving to not get so wrapped up in these things and allowing yourself time to breathe and enjoy a glass of wine and a bike ride.

I resolve not to obsess about the job market or compulsively check the jobs wiki this month. And perhaps some other things. Maybe I should do a post...?

Rosiecat said...

Raquelita, that is an excellent pair of resolutions! Maybe you could schedule time for job searching to encourage yourself not to obsess?

Your ambition is one of the things I admire most about you. I am not so ambitious by nature, so I'm letting myself be inspired by your example (and Chrissy's too--she's very ambitious!). I think the goals have helped me stay focused and allowed me not to worry too much about the things that aren't my highest priorities. And that is very energizing.

You should totally do a post! I'd love to see what else ends up on your not-to-do list :-)

daine said...

Use double negatives. :)

Rosiecat said...

Touche, Daine! I blame the wine. It makes me do things, like write silly blog posts :-) But I won't stop!