Saturday, May 7, 2011

At the Kitchen Table: Eight Things about Me

At the Table

Can you see me in the photo above?  I’m the one wearing the blue shorts!  My table is better dressed than I am here.  Just for fun, a few random but food-related tidbits about me.

* I love white rice.  In fact, I hardly ever make brown rice because I just don’t like it very much, even though it’s the healthier option.

* I like eating asparagus, but I think it smells terrible when it’s cooking.

* Same with peas.  Why do peas smell bad when they are cooking?

* I am almost physically incapable of throwing out Ziplock baggies.  I must, simply MUST, wash and reuse them.  I realize this behavior borders on the crazy side of the spectrum, but I feel like throwing them away is like throwing money away.  No way, dude.  No way.

* I am a habitual speed eater.  I know, I know: it’s a terrible habit, and I ought to slow down and enjoy my food.  But I am enjoying my food!  I just like eating fast.

* Wait, there’s more.  I am a speed eater when I’m by myself.  I eat much more slowly when I’m with people.  I find it hard to eat and listen at the same time.

* I am not a stress eater at all.  In fact, when I am upset, my hunger levels bottom out.  But I am a happy eater.  I wonder if I gain weight when Matt’s around because in addition to being happy that he’s around, our hobbies appear to be eating in restaurants, food shopping, cooking, and drinking wine.  Fortunately, our other hobby is going for walks together, and sometimes I let him drag me to the golf course with him.  Surely watching someone else swing a golf club burns calories, yes?  That’s what I thought.

*  Magnetic knife strips—the kind you mount on the wall—scare me.  The sight of all those knives suspended in mid-air is too much!  I am convinced that at any moment, they are going to fall down and stab me.  Though I must admit, this picture is gorgeous, and the knife strip is part of its charm.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend, wherever you are!  See you back here tomorrow.


Laurie said...

Ditto on the Ziplock baggies and the speed eating. Not so much on the stress eating, and, sadly, I tend to stress alot!

Shannon said...

i wash ziploc baggies too :) and i eat fast! i think i get it from my dad, and maybe subconsciously don't want my food to get cold. lol. i am a stress eater, but am trying to work on that...

Rosiecat said...

Guys, I'm feeling much better about my Ziplock habit now that I know I'm not alone :-)

I think the reason I'm not a stress eater is that I'm a stress escapist. If I get too upset, particularly at work, then I just want to leave and go somewhere to be alone for awhile. I've always been this way, so it feels like a lifelong habit to me.