Friday, March 4, 2011

All is Well

Late Night Table

Hi, y’all!  This is Rose-Anne’s Kitchen, checking in with her sweet readers to say that all is well over here.  Rose-Anne has been really busy this week, and the busy-ness is going to flow right on into the weekend.  A special gentleman is coming to town this evening, and I hear they’ve got reservations at The Lemon Wedge, in Bryan, Texas, College Station’s better half.  On Saturday—and I can’t even believe this is true—they won’t be cooking with me at all, except for maybe some breakfast nibbles.  There’s a lunchtime birthday party to attend and a dinner party invitation across town.  Oh, and at some point between the festivities, Rose-Anne has to pick up her race packet for Sunday’s half-marathon.

It sounds like a marathon weekend to me!  Don’t tell anyone, but Rose-Anne confided she’s feeling a bit stressed about all the activity, not the least of which is a 13.1-mile race starting at 7 AM on Sunday.  I told her that maybe she should cancel something so as not to go crazy, but she said that she’d rather be a little stressed than cancel any of the plans.  “So be it!” I said.  Actually, it doesn’t sound too bad, letting other people do the cooking and then just showing up to eat and laugh and share stories.  Then there’s the Matt factor: things are always more fun and relaxed when he’s around.  I think she’ll be okay.  She also wants me to wish you a happy weekend.

Until next time!  And for those of you who want to know how the half-marathon turns out, you can check out Rose-Anne’s running blog, Feels Like Flying, where she shares pictures of her feet and bikes caught in trees.


Shannon said...

don't get too lonely, kitchen, rose anne will be back before you know it! be sure to have something good for her when she's done with the race :)

Kitchen said...

Oh, Shannon! Rose-Anne practically abandoned me this weekend. She has too many friends, and I'm getting jealous of her social life. But on the plus side, I hear she's going grocery shopping today, and I LOVE GROCERIES! So maybe there's hope for us after all ;-)

(And Rose-Anne says hi and happy Sunday to you!)