Friday, February 4, 2011

Special Edition: Texas Snow Day!


Everything is Wearing Snow

My Footprint in Snow

Out the Window


Coffee Shot

Oatmeal on Stove

The dream came true for this snow-loving Northerner: it snowed in Texas!  After three days of bitter cold, while I was tucked in bed last night, we received a beautiful fluffy coat of snow, enough to cover the streets, sidewalks, trees, and cars.  I saw it this morning, then I ran outside to take photos because snow in Texas is seriously photo-worthy.

Now that I don’t live in a place that gets two feet of snow every winter, it feels much more special to me when there is snow outside.  It’s pretty and surreal, a reminder to me of the temporariness of both our pleasure and our discomfort.  It’s also a reminder of home, of all the winters I’ve experienced in Michigan and Evanston.  It may sound odd, but I think snow reminds of my inner strength.  I’ve spent many an hour wandering around outside on cold, snowy days.  As a kid, I had a newspaper route, and we were expected to deliver those papers in sun, rain, sleet, or snow.  Snow taught me that I am unstoppable: I may be slowed down by circumstances, but by sheer force of will, I will trudge through the snow to get the job done.

Today, I just think it looks pretty, transforming my little piece of Texas into a fairyland of white.  It’s making me feel giddy, even though I think I’ll be walking or riding my bike to the lab because the busses aren’t running today.  It’s okay because I am unstoppable.  And I had a huge mug of coffee today—see the evidence above.

Happy Friday, everyone!


Shannon said...

hope you enjoyed the snow day! (ps- i would've gone with a mug of hot cocoa)

Rosiecat said...

Oh, it was so lovely, Shannon! I was delighted to see snow down here. And hey--I like cocoa too! But in the morning, I need my caffeine :-)