Sunday, October 3, 2010

It Slips Away

Oh, goodness.  Look at the time.  It’s 5:06 PM on a Sunday evening.  Rats.

Actually, I don’t really mean that.  Today was a great day.  The highlight was the part where I discovered an old computer desk on the side of the road, then dragged it back to my apartment.  Whilst dragging, all four of its wheels broke off, and I had to resort to carrying it, in very short bursts, until I finally reached my own patio and could set the damn thing down and catch my breath.  That was an unexpected strength work-out.

This afternoon, I cleaned up the desk, which had layers and layers and layers of dirt on it.  Wow.  I suspect it sat in someone’s garage for a long time because it was DIR-TY!  But I scrubbed and scrubbed, then I got out the Caldrea spray that my dear friend a gave me for my birthday a few years back, and I sprayed and wiped it down, and ta-da!  Now it’s clean and sitting in my writing studio, where I am typing right now.  It’s got books on the bottom shelf and photos on the top shelf, and it seems like we’re going to get along well together.  It’s a tiny bit wobbly, having lost its four wheels in transit, and I believe it is not a particularly, shall we say, expensive piece of furniture, but for now, it will do.  Especially because now I have another bookshelf, and the only books that remain homeless are my extra cookbooks, the ones that don’t fit in the shelves just around the bend from the kitchen.  So now you see that I’ve spent the day nesting, like I said I would this season, and it feels wonderful.

Welcome New Computer Desk!

With some reluctance, I drew up my to-do list for this evening, which unfortunately, contains words like “work” and “data.”  Yes, I have real work to do tonight, the kind that has deadlines and for which I’m getting paid.  Rats!  I’ve started writing what I think will be a really nice blog post, one that involves a recipe, but I’m afraid I’m not going to have time to finish it tonight.  So, will you take a raincheck?  What if I pencil you in for, say, Tuesday?  Are you busy?  Tomorrow is going to be hairy for me, but Tuesday is looking like a calm and pleasant day, the best kind for writing.

In the meantime, if you’d like to see what else I’ve been doing, I have been writing a lot for my other blog, Feels Like Flying.  I’ve also been posting some photos that I really like—for example, this one.

I’m off to cook dinner, another batch of Jess’s Simplest Tomato Soup (but this time, I’m adding herbs!) and a grilled cheese sandwich with mustard, cheddar, and thin slices of Gala apple.  Then it’s back to work, for real, and if I’m lucky, a trip to the coffee shop for some fresh beans. 

See you back here on Tuesday, friends!  And thanks for being so understanding.  The time—it just slips away, you know?


Shannon said...

time really does slip away. i'm still exhausted from a rough work week last week... hoping that an early night will get me mentally prepared for an early morning. enjoy your grilled cheese :)

Jess said...

That is some seriously impressive work on that desk, Rosiecat. Wow. It looks great! So happy to hear you're still enjoying that soup. I noticed today that our radiators are hot for the first time this season. I guess it's soup time, again. Good luck with those work deadlines!

Rosiecat said...

Oh, Shannon. I hope this new week is easier on you than the last one. I swear, sometimes I think I'm just not cut out for this postdoc business. The work never ends! Evenings, weekends...sigh.

Hi, Jess! That's so nice of you to stop by and say hi. Would you believe I'm eating a bowl of your soup right now? It's definitely a regular in my kitchen now. I think I tend to make it when I'm in need of comfort.

Eee, radiator season! Sounds like it's time to start layering on the scarves and sweaters. Happy fall, friend, and stay warm. Make soup!