Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Kind of Weekend

 Just Hanging Out

Ah, this is the life, isn’t it?  Two sweet potatoes, just hangin’ out in the sunshine like old friends.  I took this photo on Friday afternoon, just me and the sweet potatoes.  And a gorgeous bunch of kale.

Hey There

Can you see me in this photo?  I’m the shadow at the bottom left.  Those knobby-looking things are my knuckles, perched above my camera.  I think I am having way too much fun with the new camera.  There have been photo sessions almost every day this week, and what’s really amazing is that it is during those impromptu photo shoots that I feel happiest and most relaxed.  I love the way the camera is helping me to see the world through fresh eyes, and I love the challenge to capture an image the way I can see it in my mind.  Photography is my new muse.

With a pang of regret, I turned those adorable sweet potatoes into a pan of Kristin’s Sweet Potato Fries.  I’ve always found sweet potatoes to be a difficult vegetable.  For one thing, they are sweet—usually too sweet for me.  In recent history, I have made two different soups calling for sweet potatoes, and both of them smacked me on the head with sugar.  It’s weird: I love dessert, but when it comes to soup, I need savory flavors.  Even soups with a bit of sweetness, like my favorite carrot soup, need something savory to add depth to their bowls.  These sweet potato soups—which shall remain anonymous—just didn’t do it for me.

But oh!  Kristin’s fries—oh yes, they did it for me.  Cloaked in a spicy mix of cumin, coriander, sea salt, and a pinch of cayenne, these fries are savory and sweet.  While they are baking, the scent of cumin drifts through the house, a gentle reminder that dinner is on its way.  I tweaked the recipe ever so slightly, using lemon juice instead of lime, and I peeled my sweet potatoes because their skin was a bit rough.  My fries didn’t crisp up, probably because they were crowded on their baking sheet, but surprisingly, I liked the softer texture.  Next time, I might bake them on a larger sheet so I can give them more room to roast, but regardless, this recipe is a keeper.

In other news, I make no apologies for being an insatiable reader.  As such, I’m always on the look-out for new blogs to read.  I learned this week that Life, Love, and Food has a cousin:!  This lovely photography blog and diary is my newest favorite site.  Whenever I find a site that I enjoy, right off the bat I start working my way backward in the archives, finding the old gems and beauties.  I loved this post about an impromptu trip to Seattle.  Tina’s photos of the city are stunning.  I love the fountain rainbow shot.  Then there’s this post about a spontaneous pot of risotto.  I’m kind of a romantic when it comes to the idea of unplanned fun because my life is so dominated by planning.  Tina seems like a master of unplanned fun, and I get to indulge in that by reading her blog.  Nice.

I’m ready to start my weekend.  On the docket is a haircut, some olive oil shopping, lentil soup, and a book club gathering to talk about Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert.  Off the docket I’m secretly hoping (but not planning!) that there will be some spontaneous fun of my own.  That’s my kind of weekend.

Friends, I hope your weekend is everything you want!


Shannon said...

perhaps chipotle would be a good pairing for you with your sweet potatoes? I love their sweetness, brought out by slow roasting, they get like candy! even acceptable for dessert (some have suggested with nut butter). to make them swing for an easy lunch, I top them with cottage cheese and black bean salsa :)

Rosiecat said...

Shannon, that's so funny that you mentioned chipotle! Kristin served her sweet potato fries with a chipotle-spiked sauce, which I think sounds fabulous. But they were really good with plain old ketchup too.

I think I would be okay eating sweet potatoes for dessert because I'd appreciate their sweetness at the end of the meal. But in savory dishes, their sweetness has got to be tamed by something spicy or bitter--I need some balance in my entree!