Saturday, February 6, 2010

Thank You Times Two, Plus a Winner

After the giveaway this week, I’ve got a new wish list for my kitchen.  There are so many useful, pretty items in that store!  I’m saving my pennies for some shopping because a well-loved and smartly equipped kitchen is a happy place to be.

Before I announce the winner, I want to say thank you to the generous folks at CSN Stores for sponsoring this contest.  I also want to thank those of you who entered the contest!  I loved reading about your weekend plans—it was a little like tagging along with you on your adventures.  Thank you for sharing and for spending time with me here at Life, Love, and Food.

According to The Random Integer Generator, the winner is…


*** The official data:

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Timestamp: 2010-02-06 16:47:28 UTC)

Daine’s comment made me smile because I miss Chicago, its food and its people.  Daine wrote,

“I'm going to India town with Amanda and Erin (she got good news from UIC, if you haven't heard). When you come back to Chicago, you have to go to Uru Swati. The ambiance leaves much to be desired, but the food there is heavenly. They also have the best Bhindi masala (okra) that I've ever eaten.

I'm actually glad that you put up that advertisement. I'm not in the market for any bar stools right now, but they do have a sugar bowl that I will probably order. I have distinct conceptions of products I'd like to own, but then spend years searching in vain for what I'd like (a square glass pitcher, for example). They almost have what I was imagining for a sugar bowl. It's probably worth buying, since the exact thing I'm envisioning probably doesn't exist.”

Happy shopping, Daine!  The rest of us will have to keep saving our pennies for a kitchen treat.  Where’s my piggy bank?


Laurie said...

Hooray Daine! Have fun shopping.

daine said...

That's awesome! I've been searching their site all day for what I want to buy with my prize. The irony is, I've found a handful of things that I'll probably end up buying with my own money. Advertisers totally have my number when it comes to sales and coupons. It happens every time that I go in to a store because things are half-off and then end up buying 3 things instead of one. So much for saving money. . .

Rosiecat said...

Laurie, I second that thought. Hooray for Daine!

Daine, the irony is so accurate. They've got MY number too, as I've got a wish list and a weakness for all things cooking- and kitchen-related. But hey, it's still pretty awesome to win something, and with a price limit of $70, you can pick out something real purty 'n' nice.