Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Happy List

On days when I’m feeling particularly misanthropic, like today, I find it useful to make a happy list. Except for gelato, the happy list is the most effective known cure for misanthropy. And if writing this happy list doesn’t help, you can find me at the gelato place down the street.

* Two pounds of Bing cherries: fresh, red, perfect.

* German butterball potatoes, fresh from the farmer’s market, sliced, tossed in garlic oil, 1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika, salt, and pepper, then roasted at 450 degrees F for 25 minutes. Oh baby. It’s like Germany meets Spain, and these potatoes are their love child. Delicious.

* My new yoga mat! So squishy, so comfortable. It lets me perform perfect warrior poses with nary a slip of the feet. I’ve never been so sore after doing yoga as I am with this mat. I can’t believe I did yoga for seven years without a mat. Now that I have one, it’s a brand-new day.

* Addictive Peanut Butter Granola, in my belly or delivered to Shannon’s doorstep. Please note that when making edible gifts for other people, it’s important to make a batch for yourself so that you don’t eat the gift.

* My treehouse apartment with its tree all sexy and greened up with spring rain and sunshine. I’m going to miss this place when I leave in the fall.

* A delicious new cookbook borrowed from the library, Olives & Oranges: Recipes and Flavor Secrets from Italy, Spain, Cyprus, & Beyond by Sara Jenkins and Mindy Fox. I want to eat everything in this book. Where’s my personal chef when I need him?

* Mango, fresh and sweet as candy. I’ve finally figured out how to tell if a mango is ripe! My life is infinitely better because of it.

* My 2-year-old niece, who wants to plant mango trees in her garden…in Michigan.

* Finally, two job interviews this month. Finally. I can’t believe this is really happening.

So what's on your happy list today?

* * *

Dear readers, I have an announcement to make. Due to my interview schedule this month, I won’t be able to meet you here on Mondays like I usually do. Instead, I’m thinking Wednesday is a good day for us to chat. So I’ll see you back here in a week, hopefully with something delicious to share. Until then, take care of yourselves and each other!


ttfn300 said...

oh, i'm so glad you are now enjoying mangoes ripe---MUCH better that way! and mmmmm, pb granola... how that did NOT last long enough :)

heading to boston at all for your interviews? good luck!!

Rosiecat said...

ttfn, I was so happy about the ripe mangoes that the next time I went to the store, I bought THREE of them! (Plus they were on sale.) Triple hurray for mangoes!

Nope, no Boston interviews. I do love Boston, though, and would love to make it out to that beautiful city again. Someday, someday. For now, you have to enjoy it for both of us :-)

ammie said...

I ate espresso gelato today just for you ;)

Hillary said...

So, are you going to share your secret? How DO you determine if a mango is ripe?

I made a quinoa, mango & black bean salad last week and while I was eating it, though of you. It seems like something I would see on your site. Anyway, though I'd share. It was deeeeelish!

Rosiecat said...

Ammie, you're my kind of woman.

Hillary, I think the main secret is patience. My ripe mangoes felt like ripe avocadoes: they give a little bit when you squeeze gently, but they don't feel overly squishy. And when in doubt, wait another day and squeeze again.

Oh man, that salad looks AMAZING! I'm printing out the recipe right now. You're right: it's definitely something I'd try without a moment's hesitation. Thanks for the link!

daphna said...

Yum, that potato recipe sounds great! Glad you like your yoga mat. :)

kristine said...

Your happy list contains a majority of food related items, just like my own tend to. I like that.

Rosiecat said...

D, you are a brilliant, brilliant woman, taking me to Lululemon to buy a yoga mat. What would I do without you?

As for the potato recipe, I'm pretty smitten with it. It turns out that you're right: potatoes CAN be roasted quickly at 450 degrees! I stand corrected.

Kristine, hello and welcome! Fewer things make me happier than a happy list filled with food. What else brings us so much pleasure on a daily basis?