Friday, December 21, 2007

More Green Stuff

Quite by accident, I discovered another delicious way to keep eating those green vegetables through the winter: Spectrum Naturals Vegan Caesar Dressing. More specifically, top steamed broccoli with a dollop (or two) of this delicious, creamy dressing, and you, like me, might find yourself going back for seconds. Seconds! Of broccoli! It's a Christmas miracle.

Yes, this serving suggestion isn't much of a "recipe," but it's plenty good and keeps me motivated to keep fresh broccoli on hand. Isn't a quickie, healthful veggie recipe a wonderful thing this time of year? Between work and friends and parties and holiday preparations, I feel like I've been busier this month than I've been all year. But it's all good: vacation starts tomorrow and I'm headed home to Michigan for a few days.

The Winter Solstice is tomorrow, so Happy Solstice and happy holidays!


JD said...

I have to admit that I, like you, have long harbored a unfounded grudge against broccoli. I always tried my best to avoid eating it. But we recently found that if we boil it in veggie broth it tastes about 1500 times better. I imagine you could also steam it as well. Hopefully your trip back to Chicago goes well, it was great to see you yesterday.


Clumsy Cook said...

MMMmm, I would have never thought to put dressing on top of steamed broccoli, but I'll have to try! THANKS!

I hope your holidays were fantastic!


Rosiecat said...

JD: Yes, broccoli may be a nutritional powerhouse, but it's not the easiest vegetable in the world to love. It's funny: there are many fruits and vegetables that I love to eat in their crunchy, uncooked form, but broccoli is not one of them. But give broccoli a light steaming and it becomes ever so agreeable!

I think the dressing and the vegetable stock accomplish the same task: infuse more flavor into broccoli to make it more interesting. I will have to try your stock trick!

JD, it was great to see you and the wife while I was home. You guys are awesome.

Hi, Robin! Thanks for visiting. Yes, do try the dressing trick. It's wonderful. During this time of year, I think we could ALL use some vegetable inspiration. I hope your holidays were wonderful, too!