Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Some New Things I've Learned Recently

I've learned several interesting things in the past few months, what with all the science and the running and the cooking and the eating. I thought I would share them with you, dear reader. Perhaps you will be inspired to share with me something that you have learned recently!

1) Writing scientific papers requires an immense amount of trust between graduate student and advisor. Sometimes I feel like it takes more trust than I am capable of having in another person.

2) Just because you can walk right after a half-marathon doesn't mean you won't be hobbling in pain several hours later!

3) Electronic music guru Armin van Buuren is awesome! I love this CD set.

4) I don't like roasted cauliflower!

5) I adore fresh peaches, fuzzy skin and all.

6) Decaffeinated mandarin orange green tea is the best after-dinner treat. I think it's even better than dessert, but I'll happily accept tea and dessert!

7) Lunar Gazpacho is heavenly. Have you tried it yet?

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