Thursday, July 19, 2007

From the Wish List: Rainier Cherries

As my graduate advisor says, do the easy things first. And so I do!

Delicious Rainier cherries recently appeared at the market. I love this variety of cherries because they are gorgeous and delicious. Their skins are a golden yellow blushed with red, and their flesh is a pale creamy yellow. They are delectably sweet with a hint of tartness, and they are juicy and tender. Of course they still have a pit inside, and I spit that out, so I try not to eat them in polite company. In my opinion, spitting out the pits is half the fun in eating fresh cherries!

Like all fresh cherries, their presence at the market is seasonal and fleeting. At $4 for a pound of Rainiers (and that was a sale price!), they are not cheap, but it's a splurge worth making. I think it's important to mark the seasons in ways that are meaningful to you, and for those of us whose work lives vary little throughout the year (grad students like me don't get summers off, contrary to popular belief), summertime offers its own unique treats. You just have to keep your eyes peeled for the Rainier cherries!

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