Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Joys of a Well-Stocked Kitchen

Am I the only person who becomes very anxious when there isn't enough milk in the fridge for breakfast tomorrow?

I LOVE having a well-stocked kitchen! Besides the security of milk for my morning bowl of cereal, a well-stocked kitchen is my sanctuary and playground. On the weekends, my cooking tends to be well-planned: I shop for groceries with specific recipes in mind, and I make big batches of soup, stew, pasta, muffins, and occasionally, when I'm feeling really earthy, a batch of homemade bread dough for flatbreads, breadsticks, or pizzas. During the week, however, my cooking becomes more improvisational and perhaps even more interesting. It is at this point that the well-stocked kitchen becomes indispensable. With a fridge filled with miscellaneous vegetables and leftovers and a pantry filled with beans, tomatoes, hominy, green chilies, salsas, dried cranberries, onions, and the occasional potato, it is entirely possible for me to drag myself home from the lab, dog-tired, and still eat a decent, freshly prepared meal. And it is often in the process of preparing that meal that I am able to reflect upon the day's triumphs and failures. In the comfort of my own kitchen, I can let down my guard and finally admit, "I messed up today." (We all mess up from time to time, right?) I can decide how remedy my mistakes and forgive myself for them simultaneously. Perhaps this solitary time for reflection is the greatest joy my kitchen gives me. And the food ain't half bad either!


Weston said...

Ah! But, in the lab, do you finally admit to your culinary failures?

Rosiecat said...

Hi Weston,

Hmm, good point! I think it's usually pretty clear when I have failed in the kitchen. The failures become the type of leftovers that I absolutely DREAD eating. I usually try to convince myself that they aren't too bad, but eventually I give up and surrender my cooking disasters to the trash can!

Thanks for reading!

JD said...

Can't live life without a ready stock of milk and Pringles.. oh wait I am sure I supposed to say something like milk and flour, but I guess Pringles will suffice.

Rosiecat said...

Hey JD,

Pringles?!? Don't worry; your secret is safe with me. I won't tell your wife! But it's not my fault if she reads it here ;-)

We all have our secret snack obsessions. I recently bought a box of Nilla Wafers and have been happily nibbling my way through it. Those things have no nutritional value, I assure you. And you can eat about a million of them in one sitting, which amounts to about a million calories of starch. Yum!

And besides, who eats FLOUR straight out of the bag? That's disgusting! Milk straight out of the jug? Okay (but again, don't tell the wife!). But flour? I don't think so!

Yay for snacks!